Flynn: We’re Putting Iran On Notice Officially!

Finally! America rises to the occasion. No more bowing and catering to terror-ridden countries and letting threats to our country and service men/women pass unnoticed.

Barack Obama’s body count will continue to grow until all of the messes he created are cleaned up. Thanks, Obama you earned your title as the worst President this nation has ever seen.

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The next time Iran harasses our Navy, the result will be different for Iran than under the Obama administration. The US Navy will defend itself from harassment under Trump, and the Iranian navy will suffer the consequences.

From Zero Hedge:

When Iran test fired a new ballistic missile on Sunday, an act it confirmed this morning, it was aware it was taking a calculated risk and, more importantly, was testing America’s response and resolve to preserve Obama’s nuclear deal. It got the answer this afternoon, when shortly before 2pm, President Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, said the United States was officially putting Iran on notice on Wednesday over its “destabilizing activity” after it test-fired a ballistic missile over the weekend.

“As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice,” Flynn told a White House briefing, without explaining exactly what that meant, although it is clear that any more provocations by Iran and whatever existing deals Iran had with the Obama administration will almost certainly be revised if not torn up.

Obama’s charm didn’t work on Iran. Because I think Iran is Iran. That’s why I believe America should be America. Not all about these crying.

There’s a new sheriff in town folks! It will not be ignored or will there be pandered any longer! Iran should keep their mouth shut. What else do you think Trump is going to do? He HAS to acknowledge, or America looks like wimps. Is Iran seeking trouble, or are they looking for 15 min. of attention?

About damn time we show some backbone and shut these loons down. If you want death to America, you need to be ready to pay the price.

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