Flowers trying to bury WWII Soldier Dad In Arlington Cemetery (Currently in Unmarked Grave)

Joan Flowers has not received information back from Gov’t concerning father being allowed to rest at Arlington National Cemetery

Theodore Lovejoy passed away in 1993, having suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Alzheimer’s Disease.   His daughter Joan Flowers, an actress in the Chicago area, was promised a funeral for her father at Arlington National Cemetery, however the promise was never fulfilled.   Today Theodore Lovejoy rests at Mount Glenwood Cemetery in an unmarked grave.

Joan Flowers – Twitter @FLOWERSJOAN

After 19 years of begging and pleading with politicians to fulfill the original promise made by the Clinton Administration, unfortunately, Joan Flower is still waiting to get a simple request granted to have her father, Theodore Lovejoy, buried at Arlington cemetery.  To add insult to injury, Joan Flowers, has asked her representatives and Senators from Chicago to approach President Obama, but it hasn’t happened.  She has been getting the run around, while others had their request approved by pleading to Speaker John Boehner, who took the request to President Obama and were buried at Arlington within three weeks.

For the past three years Joan Flowers has taken to twitter pleading basically with the world to have her soldier dad buried.  All of it without result to this point. For all military veterans and their families that read this, please support this young lady and her quest to get her father buried at Arlington National Cemetery.  Her father served our country, let’s make sure that we return that service to him.

Joan’s Entire Story can be read here – Soldier of Patton’s Army in Unmarked Grave in Illinois

Sign Joan’s Petition here –


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