FL Student Makes CNN’s Day! BLASTS GOP for Marching Against Rainbow Cakes; Quiet On Gun Violence

CNN is interviewing all students who side with gun control while silencing the voices of those who support the 2nd amendment.

Cameron Kasky is a young man who just went through a traumatic experience, and I would bet dollars to donuts he doesn’t know or understand both sides of the argument, but he’s happy to be holding a mic on CNN and speaking about what happened.

Even with his statement, he is mischaracterizing the GOP stance on the issue of protecting the schools which is why he’s said this:

“Everything I’ve heard where we can’t do anything and it’s out of our hands and it’s inevitable, I think that’s a facade that the GOP is putting up. After every shooting the NRA sends a memo saying ‘send your thoughts and prayers.’ This is the only country where this kind of thing happens. I’ve heard from other people, they don’t have gun drills. We had to prepare extensively at Stoneman Douglas. This is something that can be stopped and will be stopped.”

There is a segment of this society that will shrug this off and send their thoughts and prayers but march for hours over a rainbow wedding cake.

Here are what some Twitter users responded with:

What do you think of these responses? Cameron is being used along with other kids for the gun control argument, but you won’t see mainstream media allowing 2nd amendment kids to do the same thing.

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