FL Police Officer Beats Daughter With Belt As School Staff Watches

This is going to be disturbing for whoever watches so please guard yourself for what you are going to see in the video below.

As a kid, I endured discipline from my parents and sometimes it might’ve even been in front of the teacher who never stepped in to help but those days are gone, and this shocking video is something that you and your friends will discuss in length.

I don’t know whether the father was trying to show the employees how strict he was at home or if he was putting on a show, but this didn’t look good at all.

Source: ABC Chicago

A father is under arrest after allegedly beating his daughter at school.

The attack was caught on camera — and shows school employees going about their business and doing nothing to stop him.

The father, Raymond Emilio Rosario, is also a Miami-Dade police officer with a position at an airport.

Police say on March 19th, a teacher called to tell him his 14-year-old daughter was being disrespectful.

After he arrived at the school’s front office, surveillance video shows him slapping his daughter in the face, grabbing her by the hair and striking her twice on the legs with a belt.

Employees didn’t intervene at the time but did eventually report the incident to the Florida Department of Children and families.

I don’t think any employee would’ve stepped in to help a father discipline his child as in this situation. When he took off his belt and started swinging it, it became a weapon, and many onlookers would’ve turned away.

After watching the incident in the video above sound off in the comment section and let me know how you would’ve handled the situation if you were an employee.

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