Five Month Old Child Killed By Enterovirus In Arizona

More tragic results from the manufactured ‘humanitarian crisis’

A Phoenix couple told 3TV Wednesday that doctors confirmed that enterovirus killed their 5-month-old son, Lancen Kendall.  They rushed him to Banner Thunderbird Hospital still having a pulse, but he was declared brain-dead shortly after. Lancen became the seventh child to fall victim to enterovirus since mid-August.

Kevin Kendall, Lancen’s father, said the lack of warning was frightening and they didn’t know he was sick. Lancen’s mother, Kathleen, told 3TV the illness was “terrifying and that it literally came out of nowhere.” They later found out he tested positive for enterovirus, a final determination on whether it’s the EV-D68 strain is pending.

On Tuesday, a six-year-old boy in the Phoenix suburb of Peoria died from what officials described as a severe respiratory illness. Concerned parents pulled the children out of school for two days and attendance plummeted by fifty percent. Officials said Wednesday it will take at least a week to determine if he died from EV-D68.

Enterovirus (EV-D68) has caused the death of children in Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Illinois, Missouri and a severe case in Alabama. According to the latest update from CDC, at least 796 people in 46 states are part of a nationwide outbreak of EV-D68.

The CDC doesn’t provide reasons for the outbreak or its origin. The question has to be raised as to whether the border surge of the summer and the consistent influx of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants this year could be to blame. A virology study indicates the D68 strain of enterovirus does originate from Central America. Many of the illegal immigrant children were attempted to be placed secretly in various cities. Kansas City and Chicago had the first cases of this EV-D68 outbreak, they also are known to have received illegal immigrant children during the “humanitarian crisis.”

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