These Five G7 Leaders Have No Children Yet They Want To Tell Us What’s Best For Our Kids!

Most will watch this video and say it doesn’t matter if leaders have kids or not. I am a father and it means everything in the world to me.

FACT: The lack of children among the leaders is in line with the low birth rates of their countries.

Being a great leader requires some qualities and to many of us who have families, it’s a telltale. For those who choose to lead countries, those qualities include their policy, their diplomacy, their legacy, their accuracy, their advocacy, their brilliancy, their candidacy and last but not least their consistency and humanity, and all those must be for the benefit of the society and ultimately for the Nation.

Do you think it matters if world leaders have children? Do you think leaders can work out the future of the world that includes your children if they don’t have any? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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Wayne Dupree

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