LGBT Asylum Seekers Reach Tijuana; Confident They Will Enter U.S.

Liberals verbally abuse conservatives every day and conservatives don’t get a free ride.

They’re here! A group of 76 LGBT caravan members arrived in Tijuana this past weekend, breaking off from the 3600 members that were migrating up from Honduras. This group separated themselves from the main group claiming that they were verbally abused for being homosexual.

From what I can determine, they were provided with buses from an unknown source to expedite their arrival. According to Telemundo 20 in San Diego, they claim they were not able to bath and eat on a regular basis and received verbal harassment, which is why they separated themselves.

You probably agree with me; those providing transportation should be held accountable. The fact that those in the caravan who harassed their fellow travelers might be allowed in this country gives me pause. Don’t we have enough home grown hatred here already?

These countries need to cough up some land to provide for their citizens they dumped on us. We shouldn’t have to keep taking people and get nothing out of it.

A lot of questions are being asked about how these people were so far ahead of the migrant caravan, and from what I can decipher, they were not accepted by their original group because of their homosexuality. It seems they got help from some unknown person or shall I say, someone that nobody wants to name.

I would say that American LGBT groups probably provided the buses and accommodations in Tijuana.  They will probably help with legal fees and/or have their lawyers represent them.  LGBT people have the time and money and microphone platform on major news networks to get these invaders cleared for asylum or they will play the homosexuality card, without hesitation.

Source: NBC San Diego

A contingent of nearly 80 people who went ahead of the migrant caravan arrived Sunday at the border city of Tijuana, across from San Diego.

This group consisted of about 76 people from the LGBT community who arrived ahead of the caravan in buses that were paid for by an anonymous organization. They said they were discriminated against by people in the caravan.

The group told NBC 7’s sister station, Telemundo 20, they plan to go to the port of entry in San Ysidro or Otay Mesa as soon as possible to ask for political asylum.

Most of them are confident they will be granted asylum.

Why should the LGBTQ members get preference? Verbal abuse and poor living conditions are not reasons for asylum. If that were the case, the whole world would claim asylum. I hope they get good physical exams.

This Patriot SLAMS Democrat Protesters - What Gives You The Right To Be Protesting America

Democrats set up talking points by clever maneuvers, from the opportunist’s set-up, all the way to outright organized deceit and worse, (as was recently demonstrated in the Senate in a rowdy SCOTUS hearing).

This time, President Trump’s accusers are poised to pounce on the ready pejoratives of racist, homophobic, xenophobic, yet a “Russia” lover, and spread hate through the hateful teaching of hateful ideas without a trace of substance, fact, or truth. Yes, I’m saying the Democrats plan and execute vile palace intrigue–despicable.

These are the same people who want massive amounts of centralized power and also to replace the people who are running things now. Who governs when America’s success is the people’s success, Democrats or Republicans?

As far as I am aware, asylum must be sought in the first country they arrive in, after from fleeing their own. Asylum cannot be granted in the country they choose. This proves their attempt at fraud, even before getting to the border or (god forbid) into the US. I’d put the Warthogs on operational standby and mobilize the napalm.

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