First on Fox: Mitt Romney Reacts to Being Booed at NAACP Event

Mitt Romney on with Neal Cavuto

Wednesday morning, Mitt Romney spoke at an NAACP event and drew boos from the crowd when he mentioned repealing ObamaCare. He joined Neil Cavuto to comment on the harsh response, saying that he wasn’t surprised by the reaction.

“I am going to give the same message to the NAACP that I give across the country which is that ObamaCare is killing jobs, and if jobs is the priority, then we’re going to have to replace ObamaCare with something that actually holds down health care costs,” he said.

He addressed the fact that in 2008, President Obama got 96 percent of the African-American vote, and said that he believes he’ll take some of that vote away because African Americans are disappointed with the president’s policies.

He added, “By the way, at the end of my speech, having a standing ovation was generous and hospitable on the part of the audience. And I believe that while we disagree on some issues like ObamaCare, on a lot of issues people see eye-to-eye. They want to get the economy going again.”

See what else Romney had to say about the 2012 race – including a potential timetable for when he might announce his running mate.

Wayne Dupree

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