[FINANCE] Improve Your Credit Score QUICKLY! (Credit Card Utilization)

Her online social media name is MissBeHelpful and I found her last week and the information that she gave me totally changed the way I have been thinking of restoring my credit.y

She boasts a credit score of 800 and she is asked to speak around the country. I believe is a hidden gem because she speaks to her viewers, not on some super-intelligent genius level that could lose you after the first 2-3 minutes. She keeps the conversation going and knowing that she is successful in her own right, I think I will be promoting her videos for a while.

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This video (below) deals with explaining how you can increase your credit score by knowing the basics. Many kids do not hear instructions like this so I suggest saving this for your children or young adults. They will get a lot of wear out of it, believe me.

Take a few minutes and listen to her and if you feel this is worth sharing, please do.

Her information is: 

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