Finally, Trump Unfollows Mika and Joe On Twitter After Continued Bashing!

President Trump has learned patience even if the media doesn’t want to admit it. This latest act needed to be done a long time ago.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski both have publicly tried to shame President Trump by calling him out to the point of embarrassment. They haven’t tried to work with him or meet him in the middle. They are media and therefore treating him unfairly in the front of voters. This is not new, it’s been going on for months now, and Trump hasn’t called them out or made fun of them.

Today, he unfollowed them on Twitter. Trump has millions of followers, but he only followed 43 twitter users until today, when he dropped them both. It was a long time coming, and Trump gave them enough leverage to speak badly about him and make fun, and now it’s over.  NOTE: He just followed the NOAA weather service today.

Source: Mediaite

There are few things more powerful in media today than Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. In addition to using it as a weapon against political opponents, the few dozen people he follows have an unprecedented ability to shape the news coverage he consumes.

That select group of accounts followed by Trump declined by two after the president unfollowed Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. The purge happened sometime in the last two days and comes amidst relentless criticism from the pair on their popular MSNBC morning show.

In a recent widely shared segment, Brzezinski became emotional talking about Trump telling viewers “we’re all really nervous.” about his actions. She also declared his administration fake and failed. Scarborough, too, has called Trump “rambling” and not “in control of reality.”

The president, who is notoriously sensitive to criticism, may have taken the high road with a simple unfollow. In the past, Trump has taken his critics to task in his timeline publicly for far less.

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