Ferguson Store Owner Said He Tried To “Stop Michael Brown From Stealing”; Customer Called Police [VIDEO]

Filmmaker Jason Pollock has been making his rounds trying to rewrite what happened in Ferguson before Michael Brown was killed, but something stinks about this story.

First off, Pollock seems to be using the timeline of his documentary from Shaun King, who wrote a story for the Daily Kos back in October 2014 where he laid out his version of what happened to Brown. Nowhere in King’s story does he make mention of speaking to the store owner below in the video.

The store owner said he tried to stop Brown from stealing and the other guy put back his cigarillos, but as you can see in the video, Brown still had his when he walked out.

Pollock, as I stated before is trying to drum up an emotional response from individuals who are, for lack of a better word, weak-minded and need a cause to fight for before their fire goes out. This documentary is seen from Pollock’s eyes and pushes that narrative to form an opinion.

The store owner below tells a different version from Pollock and let’s see; he was there. There is an attempt to make this a front story right now, and I won’t do that, but I had to find out what the store owner said because after watching Pollock act like an ass with Fox News Martha McCallum on Monday night, I thought something was fishy.

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Wayne Dupree

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