Female Risks Life To Save Flood Victim As Car Was Floating Away!

Hopefully, one of the major networks gets in contact with Kristan Wade and Naty Savala of Beaumont, TX after they help save a senior woman from a possible major situation.

While the media focuses on the made up false narratives of the daily attacks on President Trump, they are missing some great stories coming out of Texas that we have to promote and thank these individuals.

Kristan Wade and Naty Savala of Beaumont, TX were recording the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey when they noticed a stranded driver in distress. Savala records as Wade rushes to save an elderly woman just before the car is engulfed with water.

Watch the video below:

The elderly woman in the video stated she didn’t see the water, and when she drove into it, she didn’t know it was that bad. I understand what she meant by that as I ran into a problem like that years ago during a massive North Carolina hurricane. I drove my car through the water, but I came out on the other side. The next day the car didn’t start, and I needed major maintenance.

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This elderly woman could have been seriously hurt, and I don’t even want to mention the other possibilities.

Both Kristan and Naty were in the right place at the right time, and this was an excellent save and catch by individuals that didn’t know each other but did the right thing. How selfless was this when Kristan without thinking went into the water?

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