Female Reporter At Center Of Cam Newton Remarks Apologizes For Past Racist Tweet

The sports reporter at the heart of the public scrutiny against Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton has just apologized for past racist tweets.

Jordan Rodrigue seems not to be so innocent as she or the media portrayed. I didn’t have a problem with Newton smiling at her and mentioning it’s funny hearing a female talking about football players running routes. I would have followed that up with praise to that female for knowing about the sport, and that’s where Newton might have gone wrong but what he said didn’t even hit the sexist radar button in my brain.

However, Rodrigue played into that like a victim, and many liberal sports announcers and hosts went all in against Newton. Now, she’s apologizing for a past racist tweet where she used the n-word.

Source:  Inquisitr

Rodrigue received support from her fellow sportswriters following Wednesday’s controversial press conference, as Newton dealt with the fallout from his remarks, including yogurt maker Dannon’s decision to drop the Panthers quarterback as a spokesman. Scores of football fans also supported and sympathized with the Charlotte Observer reporter. But the incident with Newton also drove some Twitter users to dig up some apparent posts from Jourdan Rodrigue’s past — a handful of racially-insensitive tweets made in the years 2012 and 2013.

According to HuffPost, a pair of tweets referenced a trip she took with her father, where she talked about him being “super racist as we pass through Navajo land.” Replying to a friend, Rodrigue said that her father was “the best,” as he supposedly kept telling racist jokes while they were driving home.

Another old tweet from Jourdan Rodrigue used racist language – the “N-word,” in specific – while she was talking about how fast NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt drives.

Let me make sure I understand: She is offended because of his alleged sexist comments, but she has no qualms with spewing racist remarks. Rodrigue apologies, but only AFTER her malicious, hurtful tweets surface. Newton apologizes as well but loses a major endorsement because of his words. Seems like textbook hypocrisy and race privilege.

She made a mountain out of a molehill in the hopes of making a name for herself. Funny thing about Karma, she is making her name known nationwide, but not quite the way she had hoped!

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