Feinstein — I Didn’t Pay Attention To Immigration Under Obama But I Am Now

What’s with California voters and their obsession with old feminist dementia-driven politicians?

Sometimes the left goes through amazing rhetorical gymnastics in order to move into position for criticizing their opponents.

Feinstein, an elected representative, is admitting to not paying attention for eight years, but now she’s on it. Did she mention being asleep-at-the-wheel during her last two election cycles?

This lady should be in a cottage somewhere knitting sweaters.

Source: Daily Wire

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” with host Jake Tapper, Feinstein was asked by Tapper what she would say to people who wanted to know where was “all this activism [over immigration issues] during the Obama years.”

“Candidly, I didn’t really know enough about it at that time to focus on it,” Feinstein replied, claiming that immigration issues are worse today than under Obama.

“I do know enough about it now,” Feinstein admitted. “We have had a hearing in the Judiciary Committee. We did have testimony.”

I find it just inhumane, callous, and something I never thought my country would do,” Feinstein continued. “So, it is very worrisome, and we have got to stop it.

A senator from CA didn’t know enough about immigration? Live in the bubble much?

Common sense immigration rules and strong enforcement is not difficult. If we were starting over reasonable people would agree to:

  1. Secure borders.
  2. Local, state and federal cooperation for internal enforcement of illegal entry and visa overstay including E-Verify with audits for work, voting, and government benefits.
  3. Highly skilled immigrant pool based on societal needs and not based on extended families or random lotteries. Immigrants here long-term must use English to interact with government.
  4. No birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants or here on a temporary visa.
  5. Businesses that employ illegal aliens must have penalties that drastically deter their use of cheap and exploited labor for they are equally guilty of immigration abuses.

How pathetic, she conveniently didn’t notice the immigration problem under Obama even though she was serving in the U.S. Senate. They’re “worse” now because immigration laws are being enforced as opposed to being ignored under Obama.

The Democrats have no core principles. It’s all about the party and supporting their extreme views. No Democrat should be elected because they will be required to support the party platform for illegal immigration, abortion, big government, high taxes, maintaining the dependence of the inner city on welfare.

Bottom line, Feinstein is lying. You couldn’t miss the news stories, photographs, and public outcry during the Obama administration. The only reason why every single person thinks this is all brand new is that the Obama administration stopped all news media from reporting on it. Obama separated families, sent the father’s two thousand miles away from where they came in and just dropped them off. These father’s had no money, no clothes, nothing. And yet all liberals scream it’s Trump’s fault. There’s a disconnect when it comes to one administration vs. the other.

Keep in mind that every single family who comes in illegally knows full well what could happen if they are caught. Is it worth it? Only they can answer that question.

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