Feinstein Demands To See The Ukrainian Transcripts “Word For Word”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Senate Intelligence Committee member, demanded to see a “word-for-word” transcript of Pres. Donald Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, The Hill reported.

On Thursday, acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Joseph Maguire sat before the House Intelligence Committee for a public inquiry and went behind closed doors with the Senate Intelligence Committee and old Feinstein decided to go public asking for another version of the whistleblower’s transcript.

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According to California lawmaker, Feinstein said the whistleblower’s complaint “suggests that an ‘official word-for-word transcript of the call’ was produced,” and Congress should have access to the document.

“If so, it should be provided to Congress for review. Congress has a constitutional oversight duty. It’s important that we understand who took actions to hide details of the call with Zelensky and how high those actions reached. I find the whistleblower complaint to be highly credible. It suggests that the president used his office to demand political favors from a foreign country and that White House personnel knew this was wrong and tried to cover it up by burying details of the call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.”

Feinstein is wrong. Congress does not have a Constitutional oversight duty on the activities of the President. Go ahead and claim that Congress has oversight duty on the Supreme Court, and demand a word for word transcript of the backroom meetings of the justices. You’ll see how far “oversight” of your equal goes.

Feinstein is the last Senator who should be demanding the release of anything. Her release at the last possible minute of the Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations (and the two other ludicrous allegations) leading to the circus in the hearing room that followed.

Feinstein has yet to be censored by the Senate for her actions in releasing of Christine Blasey Ford’s information that Ms. Ford requested to remain confidential. Senator Feinstein had ample opportunity to question Kavanaugh in private during the one-on-one meetings before the committee hearing, yet Feinstein deliberately chose to wait until the last possible minute to make the charges.

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On Tuesday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi jumped the gun when she announced the push for a formal impeachment inquiry of Pres. Trump and this was without reading the whistleblowers transcript.

Even if it was true, Ok, but let’s do this in order. How about we figure out what Barack Obama knew about the FISA documents and the insertion of spies into the Trump Campaign first? Let’s be honest here. The Republicans never push hard enough, even though they are typically on the right side of things (pardon the pun). For example, I didn’t think the worst part of Adam Schiff’s opening statement was all of his lies; we know what a low life he is. The worst part was that not a single Republican stood up to challenge what everyone knew to be a total charade.

This was a poorly orchestrated coup. Every time they try to “investigate” Pres. Trump, they expose more of the inner workings of the coup attempt. The effing Three Stooges could’ve done a better job. That’s why you have Schiff’s “parody,” Feinstein whining about transcripts, and impeachment “inquiries.”

It’s all a distraction from getting to the truth and its back-firing.


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