Federal Judge Orders FBI To Turn Over Comey’s Memos — Clean And Redacted!!

Thank God in Heaven!

The FBI has been ordered to turn over copies of former FBI Director James Comey’s memos, both clean and redacted by a federal judge. They were given until April 1st to hand over the docs.

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is over now and Atty Gen. William Barr along with Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein delivered a summary absolving President Trump of the alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 Presidential campaign and obstruction of justice.

As that investigation has concluded, there has been a groundswell of approval from everyday Americans want those that started the investigation to be investigated and that includes Comey.

District Court Judge James Boasberg in Washington ordered the bureau to submit the documents no later than April 1 as part of a Freedom of Information Act case brought by Judicial Watch and several mainstream media outlets, including CNN and USA Today. Earlier this month, a government attorney said the files were still redacted and classified, and should remain so in order to avoid interfering with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “Russia Narrative” investigation.


“It’s also mishandling of national defense information, which is a crime. So it’s clear that Mr. Comey not only authored those documents, but then knowingly and willfully leaked them to persons unauthorized, which is in and of itself a national security crime. Mr Comey should have been read his rights back on June 8th when he testified before the Senate.” [excerpt via TruNews]

Watchdog Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell has a special interest in the classified documents: “We have a sworn declaration from David Hardy who is the chief FOIA officer of the FBI that we obtained just in the last few days, and in that sworn declaration, Mr. Hardy says that all of Comey’s memos—all of them—were classified at the time they were written, and they remain classified.”

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Here is something to think about. These memos only prove Comey is a liar, in his own words, and he broke law leaking them, but our DOJ spent months trying to keep these a secret, while Comey worked the liberal media circuit telling the world his version.

These memos convey an over-all sense of someone with a mission of finding anything that could be used, twisted, to assign/assume meaning, etc., similar to someone who is doing opposition research. Comey’s own comments in these memos reveal his opposition to the President.

These memos are indeed creepy. The recipient of these memos must have surely noticed Comey’s injected innuendos. Hopefully, the authorities are able to find something inside the redacted memos that will lead to an arrest and prosecution.

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