Fed Wiretapped Trump’s Campaign Manager, Before And After 2016 Election

After months of fighting the Trump administration, CNN is now reporting a prominent member of the Trump campaign team was wiretapped.

Under secret court orders, the federal government wiretapped Paul Manafort’s phone, which didn’t target but did include conversations with then-candidate Trump.

So Trump was right. His campaign was wiretapped by the exiting president of the opposite party. How are the Times and CNN going to explain this one away?

Ever noticed that there’s never any proof or evidence of the claims made against Trump yet the media beats them into the ground. Several times his “paranoid” claims have been proven to be true, and the media pretty much ignores them. I’ve never seen such blatant bias in my life.

Source: NY Post

Federal agents wiretapped the phone of President Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort before and after the 2016 election — capturing conversations between the two men, according to a report on Monday.

The wiretaps — which came before a July raid on Manafort’s Virginia home — are now part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s intensive probe into the Trump campaign’s alleged connections to Russia, CNN reported.

The recordings allegedly contain communications that raised concerns with investigators that Manafort had encouraged Russian operatives to aid Trump’s campaign, according to the report, which added that sources said the evidence was inconclusive.

Manafort first became a target of the FBI in 2014 over his lobbying efforts on behalf of Ukraine.

That surveillance ended in 2016 for lack of evidence. But then the FBI got a new warrant as part of a probe into ties between members of the Trump campaign and possible Russian agents. That warrant extended into this year.

The wiretaps were authorized under a secret order by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and were provided to Mueller for his ongoing investigation.

Watch the report here:

I’ll bet the Democrats are perfectly fine with this. Nobody knows what was discussed by Bill Clinton and the Attorney General on a plane while his wife was being investigated for emails that she deleted and scrubbed. Typical hypocrisy.

Does it seem like our government is wiretapping every conservative? Obama was out to get whatever they could but at the same time letting Hillary have a private unsecured email account.

Ok, let’s break this down. Obama and his administration abused their power to attempt to gain political advantage through illegal spying. Will anyone go to jail? No. Will this set the precedence for future administrations that they can break the law too? Yep.

CNN is already finding a way to spin this by saying “well the government must have had strong suspicions of Donald Trump the and Russian connection to order a wiretap on Manafort. They want to try and hang Trump and anyway they can push blame on him for anything. Instead of accusing the Obama administration of illegal wiretapping, which is exactly what it was.

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