Fed Judge Erases 95-Year-Old Law Banning Handgun Ads At Gun Shops — Slams Paternalistic Agenda!

This has to be one of the biggest news announcements in a long time.

On Tuesday, a federal judge erased a California law that banned handgun ads at gun shops that had been in place for close to 95 years. The ruling called it “unconstitutional on its face” and it didn’t stop there. The judge slammed the state for its “paternalistic” assumption the citizens of the state couldn’t make up their minds about purchasing firearms.

Did I say the judge was appointed by Barack Obama?

Growing up I always assumed everyone else appreciated the freedoms the Constitution afforded us, little did a realize the Socialists had taken control of our schools and would be indoctrinating a whole generation of willing slaves to the false promise of a “benevolent socialist government.

Source: Fox News

Officials in California had claimed the advertisements would trigger people with “impulsive personality traits” to buy more handguns, leading to increased suicides and crime — assertions that U.S. District Judge Troy Nunley in Sacramento all but mocked in his ruling.

“The Government may not restrict speech that persuades adults, who are neither criminals nor suffer from mental illness, from purchasing a legal and constitutionally protected product, merely because it distrusts their personality trait and the decisions that personality trait may lead them to make later down the road,” Nunley said in the decision, which was made public Tuesday.

“Moreover, in the effort to restrict impulsive individuals from purchasing handguns, the Government has restricted speech to all adults, irrespective of whether they have this personality trait,” Nunley added, saying the law was overinclusive.

The 1923 law provided that “No handgun or imitation handgun, or placard advertising the sale or other transfer thereof, shall be displayed in any part of [a gun store] where it can readily be seen from the outside.”

Could it be the judges are finally beginning to open their eyes? No, they’re just worried about their jobs.

We all saw the intense corruption in the Democrat Party exposed during the recent election – cheating on debate questions, hiring people to start fights at political rallies, destroying subpoenaed evidence, using the IRS against citizens, using intelligence agencies to spy on political opponents, even cheating against other Democrats, etc. Now we have an ongoing coup against our president. With all this going on, the Democrats want to disarm us.

Just imagine what the Democrats would do against an unarmed populace.

By the way, First Amendment scholar Eugene Volokh expects this decision to be appealed to the Ninth Circuit which will probably reverse it but look at what we had for a few hours.

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