Solomon — Six Different Operatives From FBI/US Intel Agencies Joined Trump Campaign in 2016

On Friday night, John Solomon, a writer for The Hill gave Fox News’ Hannity an exclusive regarding big news for Monday regarding the Clinton Foundation.

As I told you, be leary of news like this because we’ve been down this road 100 times and there has been no action the way we expected.

Solomon seems to have been working this story for a while so when he joined Hannity’s show on Friday night; he had some exclusive information to share.

Source: Video Transcript

The origin of the story Sean is, last Tuesday night when I was on your show you had Congressman Nunez on just before as I was listening he said something I had not heard and and all the months that we were working on this case.

He said beyond the Steele dossier, there was a very troubling effort to come up with other evidence that would corroborate the Steele dossier that was suspect and it was just as bad evidence that might have also included exculpatory information that had been hidden,

So I went back and started digging and this is what I found six different people volunteer inject themselves into the Trump organization between March and October that have direct ties to the  US intelligence. Two Russians inject themselves into the operation during that time both are here in the United States only on the US Justice Department parole visa, that’s another fact.

Two more Western intelligence or Western diplomats intersect or start relationships with key people in the Trump organization that all have the same overture either I got dirt on Hillary Clinton or I got a nice deal for you would you like to talk to me it looks like a targeted operation to start to probe whether there was something going on here and and here is the most troubling thing when you go back and look at Devin Nunes comments on your show last Tuesday, he said, this evidence was worse in quality and perhaps also had more exculpatory information and yet it was not disclosed properly to the FISA court.

John Solomon — Federal Prosecutors Reach Out To Clinton Foundation Whistleblower On Friday!

I am losing patience that justice will ever be done. A few lost their jobs but when you look back on government scandals since Watergate, very few have ever been prosecuted. I’m starting to feel it’s all for show on both sides to score political points, but in the end, no one’s accountable.

Seriously, I’m on corruption overload. Pretty hard to get me incensed about this crap anymore. One day Jesus is going to return to clean this place up.

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