FBI Clears Bernie Sanders Wife of Bank Fraud Charges

This is what I found out about politics when the big people get in trouble; they draw out the crime until American tater look another way and then it goes away.

Jane Sanders, the wife of Sen. Bernie Sanders, was in trouble with the FBI for bankrupting a college and also securing a $10 million real estate deal in the process. Bernie blamed this investigation on President Trump, but this was done under Barack Obama.

Jane allegedly defrauded the bank with false claims of assets to secure a loan. That is a crime.

Socialist Bernie and his wife are both laughing tonight! They are laughing at us, the little people in America, who would be indicted tonight, on the things that Bernie’s wife did. Once again, we are shown that there is a two-tier system of justice in America.

Think of the people who lost their jobs because of Jane – yet the Sanders now boasts three large homes and Jane has $200,000.

Source: Politico

Federal prosecutors have ended an investigation into a land deal overseen by Jane Sanders, wife of Sen. Bernie Sanders, without bringing any charges, an aide said Tuesday.

Investigators had been looking into a $10 million real estate deal that Jane Sanders led when she was president of the now-defunct Burlington College between 2004 and 2011.

“Jane Sanders has been informed that the U.S. Attorney in Vermont has closed its investigation of the Burlington College land deal and has decided not to bring charges of any kind,” Jeff Weaver, a Sanders adviser, said in a statement.

“Jane is grateful that the investigation has come to an end,” Weaver said. “As she has said from the beginning she has done nothing wrong and Jane is pleased that the matter has now come to a conclusion.”

Is anyone surprised? John Podesta is still wrapped up with pedophilia and spirit cooking gets to skate. Hillary Clinton broke the law numerous times and she is still walking around, albeit with a back brace, but she’s not in jail. Clinton gets to skate. Barack Obama gets to skate, and so does James Comey, John Brennan, and the rest of the cabal. Everyone gets to skate! That one nasty skating rink.

Hey Millennials! College Closes Doors Because Bernie Sanders Wife Drained It Dry!

Elections are being stolen in front of our noses; nobody gets punished, and Jane’s crimes are more severe than Paul Manafort, and he’s in jail. How is that?

Remember, laws are only for conservatives/Republicans. Liberals/Democrats can do whatever they want. Riot, lie, cheat, steal, embezzle, swindle, abuse people in public, terrorize conservatives families at home.

Watch and learn, Little Johnny. If you have plenty of money to hire the slickest attorneys and your politics lean Left, you can get away with practically anything!  It’s all fine as long as it’s Democrats doing it to Republicans.

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