FBI Arrest Man Who Built 200-Pound Bomb — Planned To Detonate On Election Day

FBI technicians removed a 200-pound bomb from a Pennsylvania basement after the owner intended to blow up the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Paul Rosenfeld wanted to make a statement on Election Day when he built a 200-pound bomb to enact carnage on the Washington Mall. Rosenfeld said he wanted to draw attention to his political belief that politicians need to be elected by a lottery system.

Ì would like to know if this suspect is left leaning or right leaning, I will take a guess and bet he was left-leaning. Some believe individuals like this guy want to start a civil war and blame it on President Trump.

Source: CBS News

A New York man is facing charges he made a 200-pound bomb and planned to blow himself up in Washington, D.C., on Election Day. On Wednesday, FBI agents continued searching a home just north of New York City, where they discovered the device.

Prosecutors say 56-year-old Paul Rosenfeld planned to detonate the explosive in Washington, hoping to kill himself and draw attention to his political beliefs.

According to court papers, over the past two months, Rosenfeld allegedly sent letters and text messages to a Pennsylvania resident detailing his plan to detonate the bomb on the National Mall to draw attention to the “sortition” political system, in which government officials are randomly selected.

The Pennsylvania resident alerted the FBI and police pulled Rosenfeld over Tuesday. After waiving his Miranda rights, Rosenfeld admitted his plan.

He told agents he ordered large quantities of “black powder” online and built small test explosives before constructing the 200-pound explosive device in a plywood box in his basement. He said he installed certain components in the device to ensure that he was killed in the blast.

Thanks, Hillary, Eric Holder and the rest of the Democratic Party (includes liberal media) for radicalizing these nut jobs.

It appears by his writing that he’s not staunchly of either party, but his criticism of the Bushes and Christianity, coupled with his affection for social justice, point somewhat left.

If he were conservative, the news wouldn’t stop talking about it for weeks if it’s democrat socialist you might get a five-minute segment because at like the Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels said blame others of that which you are guilty of.

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