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Father Pushes Daughter Out Of Way Of Oncoming Car Before Being Hit

As the father of two beautiful daughters, I cannot imagine stepping in the shoes of this father who saved his daughter but was still struck down by an oncoming car at full speed.

Michael Devore told reporters that he wasn’t a hero, he was “just a dad.” In my book, Michael is a hero. He saved his daughter from a negligent driver who is still free today.

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if you have ever run over a small animal on a back road or a deer, then you know when you hit something. The driver of the vehicle had to have known that they hit something or someone as they kept on driving. This accident was supposed to have happened last November but the police have yet to locate the driver behind the wheel.

‘I knew right then and there they weren’t going to stop, and my daughter was the one that was in line to be hit,’ Devore told KTLA about the incident.

‘I’m not a hero, I’m just a dad,’ Devore added. ‘I just did what I was supposed to do.’

The LAPD said that the driver of the red car did not stop to help the father and daughter.

The hit-and-run is being classed as a felony and police are asking for the public’s assistance in helping them find the owner of what they believe to be a red, four-door car, possibly a Toyota Camry.

The driver is said to be a white woman, between the ages of 60 to 65, with gray hair and a heavy build. [excerpt via Daily Mail]

Thank God in heaven that these two individuals are okay. I hope the father is able to get back on his feet financially to take care of his daughter and most importantly, hopefully, law enforcement officials find the driver, who to this day has eluded them for four months.

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