Father Loses It Meeting Transgender Son For First Time

For a parent to see their child going through a transgender process for the first time has to be devastating.

His reaction is normal. He in so many words “lost his son.” Some ppl don’t adjust well to such drastic change. I feel for this father and could honestly see the pain and struggle he was going through. Very sad to see.

I thought the audience should have been quiet during this initial meeting. The approval of their cheers can be confusing for an emotional time and didn’t help the situation. I am speaking from a father position. If this happened to me, I can be honest with you that I am not sure what I would do.

Some of you reading this would say, you’re supposed to love your children no matter what, or what’s that word, oh yes, “unconditionally.” Growing up in a church environment, we also used to have a phrase, “love the person, hate the sin.”

We have gotten to the place where we have corrupt leaders telling us we need to accept and understand everything immediately, on the spot and that’s not how life works. We have to process things and then come to conclusions going forward. The father in the video above is hurting, and it might take him a lifetime to get over it, and he may never get over it. Is he wrong? No.

Stop expecting parents to accept everything their children do and covering it under the umbrella of love. That’s a recipe for disaster.

The young man in the video that wants to transition will continue to do so because that’s what he feels. If the son feels he needs just to go on, then maybe he’s the one that needs help. You can’t force your parents to accept what they are against and that’s the truth.

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