Father angry PETA now infiltrating School System in WV – VIDEO

Radical animal-rights activists may be the last people you’d think would be planning school lessons for your children. Well, think again.

West Virginia father, Allen Lardieri is fed up with what he just presented with.  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sent home a coloring book thus laying the foundation, cornerstone for “social engineering” as Allen stated in the video.

The state of West Virginia is a responsible gaming community. PETA’s frightening of young children by equating, or even associating, truly disturbed behavior such as mutilation of a family pet with common everyday practices such as eating hamburgers amounts to nothing less than ideological child abuse.

“Anyone that is just a sportsman, the hunter, hell if you are just meat eater, I can’t believe what just happened……..the same school system that arrested my son for wearing an NRA T-shirt……look what my kids brought home from school today! I need this video shared and sent around to as many people as possible, because I am sick and tired of this”.

“Why is this type of garbarge being sent to my kids”

Father angry PETA now infiltrating School System
Father angry PETA now infiltrating School System

A significant portion of TeachKind’s curriculum is devoted to persuading children to adopt a vegetarian diet as a way to avoid participating in “animal cruelty.” PETA’s Web-based materials provide the warped logic that if farmers treated a cat or a dog the way they treat livestock, they would “be prosecuted for animal cruelty and locked up” — once again stressing the theme of hypothetical criminality for those who eat meat.


PETA even tries to scare kids away from drinking milk, a food so controversial that it occupies its very own wedge on the latest FDA food pyramid for optimal nutrition. A series of trading cards called “Don’t Be a Milk Sucker” available from its Web site, features cartoon characters suffering a host of illnesses PETA attributes to milk consumption such as ear infections, obesity, acne, and even diabetes!


Wayne Dupree

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