Faith & Freedom Coalition Road to Majority 2013 Conference – Day 2 Review by Newsninja2012

Well I made it and I was happy to be in attendance during the first full day of speeches. You see, I am not too much in the luncheons anymore. I am not too much into the social hour mixing and the receptions. I am about taking this country back with the quickness and I want to see how today’s conservative leaders want to go about doing it.

In listening to these stalwarts of truth and conservatism, you can plainly see that each of them love this country and want her to return to their glory. What most biased media won’t write about and speak favorably about is their commitment to show up at these events and put their hearts on their sleeve and give you ideas on how to move the country ahead.

Faith and Freedom Coalition Road to Majority Host Ralph Reed

I knew I was he first to arrive this morning to the J.W. Marriott Grand Ballroom and I chose my seat and there I sat like it was my first ball game in a new stadium and I wasn’t going to move until the game was over.

The morning started out with Director of Marking & Events Joy Creasman singing a few christian solos which livened up the audience. She definitely sings for a living! She did a great job and drew a lot of applause after she was done. Then came the time for the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. That song always moves me the way no other song does. Is it because of my background in the Air Force. I am not sure but it hits me right in the heart where I place my hand. We then said the pledge of allegiance and it was on after that.

Taking to the stage announcing the many speakers was Ralph Reed, who was in charge of the entire conference (in the photo above). I am going to give you my take on a couple of the speakers because I was there and I hope that’s alright with you.

Michelle Bachmann came out and she had one purpose in mind and that was to let you know how important it was to fight against this amnesty bill that is being run through the Congress with little to no fight. She broke it down like a worrying mother only could. She made a remarkable impression on the crowd and she knows exactly what to say to give the masses moving. She made an earlier joke that she was running for President and she was making her announcement at Faith and Freedom’s Coalition Conference…but that was President of the Tim Tebow Fan Club. The crowd was amused.

Former Congressman Allen West

Col Allen West spoke on the black community and the disappearance of fathers especially around the upcoming Father’s Day. Progressive politics and programs have removed the father from the home and left single mothers to raise their own kids with little to no male support. West spouted numbers and facts to his credit and was very on his game today. Before he ended his speech, he said he knows he “preaching to the choir” but he challenges them to go out and sing solo and that brought people to their feet.

I still love the man Paul Ryan. His “smartest man in the room” still has me pulling for him along side Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee and Senator Rand Paul. Ryan is a great person that got caught up in the Romney train. Ryan gave this statement:

“The left likes to think that we are the fringe. Guess what? You and I, we are the mainstream,” he said. “When you take a look at what’s happening, the goal we have in front of us is to reclaim the center of our politics.”


Senator John Cornyn did a great job by opening the morning up with a speech from his heart while other speakers came to the podium and expressed how we as a party need to reach out to the unreachable and explain to them that we are not the party of NO. We are not the party of evil or racism. We are the party of solid solutions.

John Ratzenberger had a great story and I appreciated so much. He was around when Woodstock was happening. He stated that he looked around and thought..these are the people that’s going to run the nation in about 25-30 years. He jokingly stated that he could have stopped all of it by fixing the stage and causing it fail and the entire movement would have been stopped or slowed down. All in all, “Cliff” was loveable on stage with his front facing honesty.

Sure the media is going to demonize the speakers. They wouldn’t have a job if they didn’t. It’s boring to tell the truth ALL THE TIME and our nation’s media is not in the race to do that.

Hopefully you all got a great look at what happened today. Tomorrow is another day and a bevy of speakers that include Herman Cain and Sarah Palin.


Wayne Dupree

Wayne Dupree is owner and founder of He was named to the 2017 Newsmax’s 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans. He served in the USAF between 1987-1995. He saw time in Operation Desert Storm/Shield and is the father of three. He is the host of the Wayne Dupree Show.

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