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Dad Finds Out Wife Is Pregnant After Failed Vasectomy; But He Turns This Into A Beautiful Announcement!

Tim had a vasectomy a few months back, but it seems the procedure didn’t take so the family is about to have their fourth child.

You’ve got to hand it to Tim and Rachel and how they took the news. If you chose to cut off the supply and the hospital didn’t call you back to alert you that the procedure was a failure, anyone in their right mind would be justified to be upset but not in this case. Tim looked to be ok with the news.

Tim explained everything in the video below, and it’s quite a story and a miraculous one at that.

Source: Rumble

Tim says that he has noticed Rachel behaving “a little bit pregnant”, and by the account of the three adorable tots creating chaos in their home, we think that Tim can be called an expert in his wife’s pregnant behavior. He recognized all her symptoms: Rachel was tired a lot, craving food more than normal, even felt nauseous. They joked around the possibility, but since Tim had his tubes tied, they knew it couldn’t be possible. Talk about a turn of events!

Credit: TimBrummel

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