Facebook Removes Drudge Report Page After Drudge Calls Out Fake Page!

The Facebook public page with over one million likes/subscribers just got removed after its namesake called out the counterfeit theft!

Many and I mean many people went to the Drudge Report Facebook public page every day to find out what news was happening and discuss the news of the day.

I am sure those individuals thought Drudge himself of someone from his team was uploading information so they could congregate and discuss topics.

Here’s a screen shot of the Facebook search result for the Drudge Report. As you can see, over one million readers.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 6.29.35 PM

Matt Drudge and creator of the Drudge Report took to Twitter to drop a fiery tweet alleging that Facebook had set up fake accounts purporting to be him. I think Drudge might have gotten it wrong here, however.

There was a website that constantly showed up in the feed called ConservativeOutfitters.com that had a lot of news from that website also. Whoever owned the page kept directing the readers to that website on a daily basis.

Drudge deletes his tweets on a daily basis, but this is what it read when it was LIVE!


He listed the page URLs attached to the multiple accounts in question.



It looks like Facebook contacted the owner of the pages and had it removed as it is down at this time.

What do you think about Facebook taking down the pages? Should it be allowed to remain available with a name change? Share your opinions below.

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Wayne Dupree

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