Even This Former FBI Agent Is Miffed Mueller Was Picked For Special Counsel

This is one of the most corrupt undertakings that I have witnessed in DC. Wake up elected officials, you are supposed to be representing the people, NOT supporting corruption!

Former FBI agent James Gagliano journeyed to failing CNN to say what many other agents are saying privately and that is he finds something “troubling” about the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate Russia’s election meddling.

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The only thing that has troubled me from the start … why would you appoint a special prosecutor that has a personal relationship with one of the central figures in the investigation?

My criticism is the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, has a personal relationship with former Director Comey,” he added. “Why would you appoint a special prosecutor to conduct an investigation where a central witness and figure has a personal relationship?

When the CNN analyst Paul Callan, former homicide prosecutor heard this response, he agreed with Gagliano as they remembered the exact point when Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey bonded.

How can Mueller be an independent counsel when his star witness is one of his closest friends? How can Mueller be unbiased when he is stacking the deck by hiring attorneys who have close relationships with the Democratic leadership? How can Mueller be so blind to these issues? This is a scary picture and the president’s legal counsel should ask Mueller to resign.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to remove Mueller immediately, or he needs to be fired by the President. Either way, Mueller should not remain.

Mueller has made it clear by the individuals he enlisted to try and stack the deck against President Trump so they can make whatever claims they want and make it seem like they’re true. Mueller and Comey should be brought up on charges of conspiracy, especially after Comey admitted he leaked the fictionalized memo and other papers in order to force this kangaroo court.

The American people are asking our lawmakers to stop this nonsense! They are wasting our tax money every minute they continue with this farce. They need to work on what we elected them to do and that is to work and serve the interests of the American people, not their own. They also need to support and cooperate with the President to make America great again.

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