Owing Over $600K For Failed Presidential Bid, Evan McMullin Wants Chaffetz Seat

Utah Trump-hater Evan McMullin wants Rep. Jason Chaffetz House seat even after reports over past couple of days he owes over $600K for failed presidential bid.

McMullin failed to even dent President Trump’s bid to carry Utah during the Presidential election and in his path, he rang up over $600K in vendor charges he hasn’t paid. He continues to tweet and do TV spots but he can’t pay his bills.

Now he wants Rep. Jason Chaffetz seat, the Utah Congressman who just shocked everyone on how he was leaving the House. McMullin has trashed Trump endlessly and many Utah supporters of the President won’t let that happen.

Don’t call me an expert but I don’t think he’s going to win that seat if Trump supporters start throwing in support to stop him. He’s a loose cannon that questionable conservative views.

Source: Washington Examiner

Former presidential candidate Evan McMullin was one of several Utah Republicans who were eyeing a congressional run in 2018 after the surprise retirement announcement of Rep. Jason Chaffetz.

McMullin confirmed in a Thursday morning email to the Washington Examiner that he had been weighing a challenge to either Sen. Orrin Hatch or Chaffetz in the 2018 Republican primary, and indicated that the congressman’s decision to retire could make a run for the 3rd district appealing.

“I’ve been considering challenging Hatch or Chaffetz, or not running at all in 2018. Obviously, this development today is significant, but there are other important factors. I still haven’t made a decision,” said McMullin. He and Mindy Finn run the group “Stand Up Republic,” which was formed to help gin up conservative opposition to the Trump administration.

McMullin’s late developing, shoe-string presidential campaign didn’t get anywhere. But he garnered 21.5 percent of the vote in Utah, where Trump was unpopular with Republicans, and succeeded in holding the president under 50 percent in a state that GOP nominees usually win with more than 60 percent.

Would you vote for McMullin? Would you have supported this guy and his hatred toward Trump? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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