ESPN Demotes Sage Steele From NBA Playoffs Because Of Conservative Views

This is why ESPN ratings are going down the toilet. They swung to the left during Obama’s time in office and now this!

Sage Steele is a conservative sports analyst who is not afraid of standing up for her principles and calling out the liberal agenda. Now ESPN wants to remove and replace her with fellow analyst Michelle Beadle.

This is a bad talent move regardless of race. Watch Steele for a minute and then Beadle, Steele is on another level. Beadle is average good. I liked Sage. I watched her a lot. Very professional and knowledgeable about sports. She spoke about her childhood, and that was her reality. Can’t fault her for that. I’ve never heard her say a negative word about anyone.

ESPN has let their political stance become a factor in sports broadcasting. When their employees have an opinion that differs, they take them off of the air. Ask Coach Ditka and Curt Schilling.

She did no wrong. I hope free speech protections will be strengthened and expanded into social media and private businesses. People complain about everything. People should be able to speak their minds.

Source: New York Daily News

Veteran basketball analyst Sage Steele, who has courted controversy with her conservative comments on social media, will be replaced by Michelle Beadle as host of “NBA Countdown” on both ESPN and ABC, the networks announced Tuesday.

Steele will continue to appear on ESPN’s “SportsCenter on the Road” and she will have an “expanded on-site presence at events such as the Masters, World Series, Super Bowl, the College Football Playoff, and College Football National Championship,” according to a statement.

Steele, 44, has been with the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” for a decade, but found herself in hot water recently as she weighed in on some hot button issues.

She took to Instagram in January to complain about crowds protesting President Trump’s travel ban.

“So THIS is why thousands of us dragged luggage nearly 2 miles to get to LAX, but still missed our flights,” she captioned a photo of a demonstrators at Los Angeles International Airport.

She also blasted NFL players who chose to kneel during the national anthem and cut short an interview with Arcade Fire’s Win Butler when he began to voice his political opinion after last year’s celebrity All-Star game.

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