Epstein’s New Mexico Ranch Is Being Investigated Thoroughly!

Stephanie Garcia Richard is New Mexico’s Commissioner of Public Lands and she is on a mission for justice.

As details emerge about the late Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex abuse at his ranch in her state, she has been focused on trying to find the answers as to why the former billionaire was able to purchase land inside of New Mexico with virtually no connections and who he possibly harmed, in the way of underage girls, in the process.

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During an exclusive interview with CBS, Garcia Richard revealed that her office was fully cooperating with investigators and has turned over 400 pages of Epstein’s property records to investigators. These documents could hold names of his alleged co-conspirators and break the case wide open.

Investigators have already started to interview women claiming to be abused at Epstein’s NM ranch.

“To say that it was heart-wrenching and sickening to see this man’s signature on state land office documents is an understatement,” Garcia Richard said.

Epstein didn’t appear to have connections in New Mexico prior to purchasing Zorro Ranch. Asked what would draw him to the state, Garcia Richard said, “I think there’s a perception that people won’t ask questions … this case can really show the world that you can’t get away with things in New Mexico.”

Sources told CBS News that Epstein leaned on his political connections in New Mexico. Former Governor Bill Richardson visited the Zorro Ranch at least once. Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre alleged in a recently unsealed 2016 deposition that Epstein’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell told her to have sex with Richardson.

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Soon after the deposition was unsealed, a spokesperson for the former governor said in a statement, “These allegations and inferences are completely false. To be clear, in Governor Richardson’s limited interactions with Mr. Epstein, he never saw him in the presence of young or underage girls. Governor Richardson has never met Ms. Giuffre.” [CBS News]

According to a NY Post article, “Two award-winning scientists and an adviser to large companies and wealthy individuals told the New York Times that the since-disgraced multimillionaire financier shared his plan for a baby-making factory in the desert on multiple occasions starting in the early 2000s.”

Epstein was found dead in a Manhattan jail cell on August 10, while facing trial on child sex trafficking charges. His death was ruled a suicide by hanging.


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