In Three Years, Restaurant Employee Never Saw Roy Moore Accuser Work There!

Gloria Allred and Beverly Nelson might want to start running for the hills. This credible witness just threw a wrench in their Roy Moore attack plans.

Rhonda Ledbetter was an employee of the Olde Hickory House and why is that important? The time she worked at this establishment is supposedly the same time Beverly Young-Nelson, a Roy Moore accuser, said she worked there.

Ledbetter said for the three years she worked at the Olde Hickory House, she never saw Beverly Nelson. She never saw or nor does she remember seeing Judge Roy Moore enter the place.

That contradicts what Nelson has been crying about over the last week or so.

Source: WIAT

“I came forward because from what I’ve seen, the media is only interested in reporting one side of this story. In fact, Dixon Hayes from WRBC in Birmingham asked for former employees to contact him but never responded when I told him I never saw Roy Moore come into Olde Hickory House during the three years I worked for.

Two other news outlets in the state asked to interview me and I agreed, but neither one has aired my interview and I have to wonder why they don’t think the people of Alabama deserve to hear anything that counteracts the accusations against Judge Moore. It’s not for me to say whether or not something happened, I can only tell the truth about factual details that I know for sure. I think all Alabamians deserve to have all of the facts so they can decide for themselves what the truth is. Despite what the national media and people in DC might say, Alabama voters are intelligent and have common sense.

Americans need an alternative to the mainstream media. That’s why we exist. Donate $10 today and help us continue to fight!

We don’t need anyone to tell us how to vote or to explain to us what really happened. We will make that decision and I just wanted to do my part in sharing the truth on some of these important facts. I, like all Alabama voters, want any and all information that can shed light on the truth.”

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