Eminem Was Angry Trump Didn’t Respond To His Childish Act; Now Trump Jr Responds To Latest Attack

I had been praising President Trump for not getting into a back and forth with washed up rapper Eminem because he wanted attention and then probably play the victim card.

Now Donald Trump Jr responds. No man no.

Why respond to this creep? This was a terrible move on this rapper because he was losing steam and you give him new life and a headache you don’t need right now. Daddy Trump understands you don’t have to respond to everyone but Trump Jr, what was he thinking?

Eminem WANTS to get into a back and forth with Trump, and he will relish the younger Trump and use pop culture on his side. For all of you who think it’s ok for Trump Jr to do this, you don’t understand because your minds are not opened to the full picture.

Source: Vulture

“…I want him to answer me because I got ideas for all kinds of s**t to say back to him if he does,” said Em. “I’m not going to give any away now, but I’ve got lines ready if he says something about me. I get almost flustered thinking about him — that’s how angry he makes me. The people that support him are the people he cares about the least and they don’t even realize it…”

Catching wind of the interview, conservative commentator Stephen Miller called Trump not responding to Eminem “the funniest thing of his presidency” in a tweet Monday.

The tweet garnered a response from the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr, who on Tuesday tweeted, “It’s a bit odd that he’s admitting to having prepared heavily to take on a 70 year old politician. Probably not the best look. So much for freestyle.

If I were in the camp, I would have told everyone to just dismiss this little man and let him sulk with not being answered. That was his reward, but you never give an enemy combatant what he wants. NEVER.

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