Rep. Keith Ellison — Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital Would Be A ‘Horrible Tragedy’

Rep. Keith Ellison, the House Of Representatives resident Muslim says President Donald Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel would be a ‘horrible tragedy.’

Of course, it makes sense that Ellison would say this publicly as he has accepted the Muslim religion as his faith, but he’s also biased.

Ellison said the announcement would be “Trump stomping all over what we’ve been trying to do as a nation.”

Source: Free Beacon

“It’s just Trump stomping all over what we’ve been trying to do as a nation to foster a negotiated two-state solution for many, many years,” Ellison said. “So it’s really a horrible tragedy.”

Ellison argued issues of where Israel’s capital will be should be decided during peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

“This unilateral departure from that is really upsetting the idea that we’re going to have a negotiated settlement,” he said. “It is a dramatic departure from diplomacy.”

Ellison was opposed by Democrats such as Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz during his run for party chairman due to his stance on Israel. The Anti-Defamation League said that Ellison’s previous statements on Israel, such as his critique that Israel runs U.S. foreign policy, disqualified him as a candidate to run the party.

Watch this foolishness:

Did you get a good look at the photo above? That is Ellison standing at a podium with the words “US Campaign to End The Israeli occupation. There’s no doubt, he is a Muslim Brotherhood facilitator, on Capitol Hill and abroad.

Oh, and by the way, he was a front-runner for the Chairman of the Democratic Party!

More fear and terrorist tactics by the left. We would be better as a country if we could vote all of them out and replace them with common sense thinkers with nothing on their minds but to help the American people get better which includes their lifestyles, education, bringing the family back together and becoming a God-fearing country again.

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