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Elizabeth Warren Wants To Know Why We Bombed Terrorist Group ISIS with MOAB

When you have Senators asking questions like this, you have to realize just how mentally slow our Congress is.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is sounding her drums in second-guessing President Trump on attacking ISIS with the “Mother of all bombs.” She wants to know what his strategy is and will probably cry out this attack need some congressional investigation.

Well Elizabeth, “what is the strategy?” Well, it’s simple. Find the enemy and kill them with the minimal loss of our troops. So I give you the MOAB it can kill them when they hide in their caves.

Warren should go to Afghanistan and find out if any civilians were killed. If she returns, she can report back on what she found.

The same woman who is whining about civilians being killed in Syria is the same woman that advocates for the mass killing of babies through abortion. Seems a little hypocritical to me. If you are asking why then you need to step down from being a Senator. You are obviously too ignorant to understand politics and strategy. We now have a President who isn’t there for show. He means business, and he stands by his word. Get on board or leave.

Source: Fox News Insider

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) talked to reporters Thursday after hearing from constituents at a town hall in Salem, Mass.

She called on President Trump to consult Congress before taking military action overseas.

“He’s gotta come in and explain himself,” she said, asking what the overall plan is in Afghanistan and in Syria.

Warren questioned what the impact was on civilians in the area, though U.S. officials say 36 ISIS fighters were killed without any civilian casualties.

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA), a Marine veteran who served four tours in Iraq, echoed Warren’s remarks on the use of the so-called “mother of all bombs.”

“One bomb does not make any difference at all. Frankly, dropping bombs is easy,” said Moulton, arguing it will do little to change the situation on the ground in Afghanistan.

Warren said she wants to hear from generals on why this particular weapon was used “at this moment.”

President Trump does not give out information in advance about what the Generals are doing, as it should be. Shut your mouth and call the nearest Nursing Home and sign yourself in.

Democrats just don’t get it. They can’t grasp the concept that there is true evil in the world. The strategy is to kill the people that are saying we are going to kill you. Only a true idiot would say we need to be thinking 20 years ahead wondering who’s going to try and kill us in 20 years at the exact same time there is already a group at war with us now trying to kill us now.

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