ELEVATOR COMBAT! Female Shows Molester She Paid Attention In Self-Defense Classes

I didn’t know what to expect when I came across this video, but I was expecting some self-defense slap down on this man who was attempting to harass the female.

Here’s the problem, she put a whipping on this guy.

Elevators are already close quarters without the need for standing in someone’s space. The man seemingly thought he could have his way with her so Don Juan decided to push up on her and she let him have it.

Source: Rumble

Even though it is very satisfying to watch and see the outcome of this video, we should keep in mind that not every case of assault ends in fairness or retribution. Sometimes things don’t work out and the molesters don’t learn their lesson. Let’s hope that the story of this elevator molester getting beaten up by a woman who slaps him in the face and kicks him in the crotch will serve as a painful lesson for all those offenders out there to beware!

Footage shows a woman standing in an elevator checking her phone, moments before the man in the elevator begins acting inappropriately by sneaking behind her back and sliding his hand onto her shoulder. At this point, the woman has had enough and is ready to teach him a lesson.

This woman is obviously trained and knows how to fight, so quickly puts the man in knock down position, after which she peacefully walks away.

Credit: RumbleStaff

I love to watch things like this because she showed you how you put a molester down and she did it in record time.

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