Election Recount Results Are Making Snowflakes Look More Stupid; Trump Gains!

Jill Stein with less that 1% of the votes, is now conning millions of IDIOTS out of their money to do Hillary Clinton’s dirty work for her just like Bernie Sanders did.

Nothing restores faith in a Republic than seeing three states Hillary Clinton wishes she had won recounted for that reason only, right?

Liberals can’t even get a recount right as President-elect Donald Trump has gained in each of the three states. Go away, Jill. Someone that wasn’t even competitive in the election shouldn’t be able to demand a recount. You lost, and Mr. Trump is going to be our next president, deal with it.

From Fox News:

Statewide recounts in key 2016 battlegrounds are proceeding in fits and starts — but doing little to change the math behind Donald Trump’s victory.

In Wisconsin, one of three states where Green Party candidate Jill Stein has sought a fresh tabulation, the president-elect has even gained on Hillary Clinton.

The push for a recount in Pennsylvania, meanwhile, is awaiting a federal court’s OK, and a similar effort in Michigan has run into new judicial turbulence. But while Trump narrowly defeated Clinton in all three states, the numbers trickling in look unlikely to call into question the Nov. 8 results.

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“In any election, the actual change in the margin of votes is very, very low,” Drew Spencer Penrose, legal director at FairVote, told FoxNews.com. “For people hoping for a change in results, I wouldn’t hold my breath.”

Here’s a rundown of what is happening in each state:


With the Wisconsin Election Commission working since last Thursday – when Stein paid $3.5 million for the recount after alleging reports of fraud – there has been little change so far to the unofficial results reported on Election Day. Trump won the state by 22,000 votes over Clinton.

In a twist, Trump is gaining.

I think people need to realize that Stein is doing this for publicity only. Nothing will come from this recount, except for maybe a new “Stein foundation.” You know, a means to accept money from those she’s successfully been able to brainwash.

Stein was in fourth place, came in fourth place and now wants a recount, what a scam. Why would a person who came in 4th place push for a recount? Clinton conceded early morning November 9th. It’s a total joke and this crook is ripping off people’s money.

Why doesn’t Jill just donate to the homeless shelter in all of those states, all of that millions of dollars could help a lot of people in need instead of waste it on something that’s not going to change a thing

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