New Caravan From El Salvador Starts Trek Toward U.S. Border — Using Social Media!

This can be brought to a stop very quickly. Congress should pass a temporary law that eliminates Western Union from wiring money out of the country!

Don’t these people understand that they will NOT be allowed to enter the United States? We do NOT want them and when President Trump finds out this bunch from El Salvador is using social media to exchange messages about the caravan march, he’s going to go ballistic.

“I found out about the caravan on Facebook. Someone posted a link in a WhatsApp chat,” a 38-year-old widow with children aged 11 and 13, told AFP.

Many of the ones in Tijuana are illiterate and possibly loaded with all kinds of diseases. It will cost trillions just to treat all their many diseases and parasites. President Trump must go after and charge those who are funding and organizing these people. I don’t know if George Soros is funding four out of six groups paying for these people, but that is what I am hearing.

As a group of migrants prepare to form a new caravan to set out from El Salvador for the promised land of the United States, eager participants exchange messages over social media.

How will they cross the border? What should they bring? Mothers and their children, youngsters fleeing violent gangs, men hoping to find a way to feed their families: the caravan attracts all sorts.

As soon as one caravan leaves, plans for the next one swamp social media. Hundreds of interested parties fire off questions, engage in discussions or share their hopes and fears.

My aim is to reach the United States. In the caravan, no one will be able to touch me,” said one rasping voice in an audio post on a chat for the last caravan to leave El Salvador.

Source: AFP

The planners of this globalist scheme are going to pound us relentlessly with swarm after swarm of invaders until we and President Trump grow tired and relent our resolve to protect the sovereignty of the U.S. They are counting on no wall, and they are relying on breaking down our spirits and bending as has been done before.

I’ll say it again, arrest the organizers. Flyers were distributed on Saturday about the border rush on Sunday. Who made them up? The migrants aren’t the issue, and it’s the organizers that could care less about the migrants. Mexico either stops them at their southern border or supports them at their northern border. Now, Mexico gets to hear from their citizens about illegal immigration.

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