Eating Our Own Is A Bad Idea: Conservatives vs RINOs In 2016

Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass, Author of Thrown Under The Bus: The Rise And Fall Of An American Worker
Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass, Author of Thrown Under The Bus: The Rise And Fall Of An American Worker

I’m not a political strategist. I’m not a military strategist. Heck, I’m not strategist, at least not officially anyway. But there are certain things in life that I consider to be pretty blatantly obvious. I realize that not everyone will agree, but I believe it is a very bad idea for Conservatives to eat their own. What exactly do I mean by this? Well, what I mean is that no matter who you like or who you hate for the 2016 White House, now is, by far, not the time to attack anyone inside of your party – except, of course for seriously good reason. The Chris Christie so-called “traffic scandal”, for instance, does not fit the definition of good reason.


The recent so-called “traffic scandal” of 2014 involving New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie shines the light of importance on the concept of not eating one’s own like no other incident, scandal, or whatever it might be termed, in recent time. I admit that while I am a New Jersey resident, I am not a Chris Christie fan – at least not any longer. I like him for his brashness (I guess that being a goombah (a fellow-Italian), I can appreciate the Soprano-like style of leadership on some levels) and I definitely dig his candor — regardless of whether or not I agree with his views. To be perfectly honest, I liked Chris Christie a lot more before his ‘run-in’ a few months back with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. There was something about when he said he had no time for a beer with him in DC, that he was “too busy campaigning”, that just did not sit right with me. It wasn’t so much that he declined the invitation as much as it was the way in which he did so that I found both disagreeable and unacceptable. I get that he was entrenched in an important gubernatorial campaign. I get that by virtue of not allowing for history to repeat itself, no chance should be taken (with the sting of the Romney loss still felt by all of us on the right as we watch the country plummet into a socialist-Marxist abyss, I’m pretty sure Christie was not about to become complacent in his campaign efforts). But, but, but, for him to lash out at who would be seen as one of his own (or should be), publicly sticking it in his eye with such an arrogant, bullying tone? That turned me right off. Italian or not, there’s a time and place to be a bully, and that was not it. That was a good example of eating one’s own.

Fastforward to January 9, 2014, and we see a very different Chris Christie. We see a man very much humbled by his administration’s colossal screw-up. (Karma?) Okay, so you already know that I do believe him. And I’m go to go on record here as saying that I do. I consider myself to be a good judge of character and a fairly well-honed bs meter. And I cannot – no matter how I try – find anything, thus far, that even remotely indicates that he was in any way involved in such a ridiculous stunt, a stunt I might add that would have yielded him zero return and quite possibly cost him the GOP nomination. I, myself, was involved in quite an ugly ordeal for many years while working in the public sector. Let me just say that I, too, was vilified by many when I’d done nothing wrong. People allowed their emotions to run wild, they listened to and believed gossip, and failed to look at the facts because they either didn’t want to (for whatever reason) or were simply too ignorant to see what was right in front of their faces all along. So knowing what it is like to be thrown under the bus (the title of my book chronicling the aforementioned ordeal), I have learned to be as fair as humanly possible, to look at the facts and only the facts, and to draw my conclusions accordingly. And thus, far, as I said, I see a man who, like many leaders, discovered very publicly and much to his disgust and dismay, that he has been deceived by those he had otherwise considered loyal to their common cause.


That said, what I have witnessed over the past couple of days has bent me over with fear. I expect the left to make a circus of this event no matter what the facts are or prove to be. They will take this and run with it as far as they can go for as long as they can go. There is no doubt in my mind that MSNBC and others of their pathetic ilk, are having a field day. After all, Christie is a whopping two percentage points ahead of Hillary two years out from the primaries. THAT is cause enough for the boxing gloves to come off! Meanwhile the left is sweeping scandal after scandal after scandal – real honest-to-goodness scandals – under the rug. They continue to pretend that Benghazi is over and done with, they claim that the IRS never targeted anyone, and if it did, it was a non-selective process, and they act as though the NSA was doing nothing but protecting us from the terrorists that, by the way, don’t even exist anymore…and we’re busy throwing stones at Chris Christie? Holy smokes! Are we in deep doo-doo! Whether you love him or hate him, Conservatives and RINOs alike, need to remember that united we stand…   There hasn’t been a time since 911 that this sentiment has been so vitally important to preserving and reclaiming the integrity of this great nation than now. Whether you are just right of center or so far right that you’re nearly perched in your own newly created party, we must stick together.

A few months ago, I got to thinking very deeply about this topic. And I wondered. I sat and pondered the possibilities. I reflected again, for the zillionth time, how it is our country could possibly have come to sink to the depths of being led into hell by a Muslim. I’m still in shock. And so, toward the necessary end of seeing an end to Obama and his radical left wing cronies, I thought about how the right – Conservatives v. RINOs – has been duking it out now for several years, and how they each seem to be fixated on their side ‘winning’ out over the other rather than making a concerted effort to work together to not only do right by the American people as they were hired to do but to win back the senate – and eventually the White House. So I decided to tweet out about my thoughts. Namely, I posed the question of who would stay home and not vote if a Conservative candidate was not on the ballot. Well, you would have thought I committed a murder. I was a blown away by the numerous Conservatives who, in a very no holds barred kinda way, let me know that I was a “sellout” and a “liberal” and even how I deserved to be vocationally slaughtered by my former employer – simply for daring to toss out such a question. They seemed stuck on voting for their favorite Conservatives or not voting at all. My heart sank. Did they not recall how Barack Hussein Obama got elected for the second time? Did they not know that somewhere in the vicinity of 4 million Republican voters did not bother to come out because they thought they didn’t have to? (Thank you, Rove and Morris.) Agree or disagree, when the word on the street is that your party is way ahead, that your candidate has it in the bag, people automatically get lazy and/or decide not to make the effort due to work, family, illness, or what have you, thereby collectively surrendering the race. In this case, the left was simultaneously working tirelessly, bombarding cable tv with ads about the war on this group and war on that one – and it worked. Do we really want a repeat of that? Do all of you stubborn die-hard Conservatives want Hillary for president? Or worse? Does the new, 2014, New York City not ring a scary bell?

If we continue to eat our own, we, the Conservatives, are toast. We cannot get the voting blocks we need to take back the White House unless we stick together. I don’t want a RINO president any more than any of you do. And I don’t want Chris Christie. But we must stick together, and by all means refrain from eating out own until which time it is appropriate to make those micro distinctions  – like during the primaries! Before then, the way I see it, we are committing political party suicide by acting out of emotion rather than logic. If we do that, we are no different than left wing zealots like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and any and all of those who revere, support and imitate them. I don’t know about you, but I’ve taken just about all I can of watching my country, the country where I was born, where I will always live, and where I will die, go up in in flames and down the tubes. Sometimes, my fellow Conservatives, while we have our strong beliefs – and are certainly entitled to them – we must remain acutely aware of the potential disastrous repercussions of an election fought through the heart and not the head.


Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass is one of the newest members of Team News Ninja. She is the author of the explosive new book: Thrown Under The Bus: The Rise And Fall Of An American Worker, a tell-all, cautionary tale for all patriotic Americans!

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