Duck Dynasty Premiere Ratings down 28%; Draws 8.5M viewers

That’s is pretty good for Duck Dynasty, in that they are on a CABLE CHANNEL, not a BROADCAST NETWORK. Didn’t notice that did you? If you put Duck Dynasty on one of the Broadcast networks, it would be in the top 10, or even top 5. MNF was the only Cable “program” that was ahead of DD, and that was just barely.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, Wednesday night’s premiere drew a respectable 8.5 million viewers, far more than most prime time network shows do this day and age. But, it was a 28% drop compared to the show’s fourth season premiere in August of last year, which drew 11.8 million viewers. Last night’s total was more on par, though still lower, than the third season premiere in February 2013, which had 8.6 million.

For anyone who chose to avoid the news entirely last month, A&E “suspended” Robertson for his remarks to a reporter from GQ before ultimately reversing their decision and moving forward with the show as scheduled when it became clear that the rest of the Robertson family would not participate in the reality show without Phil.

Advertisers threatened to abandon the show, but it was generally assumed that its loyal viewers would stick around and perhaps others curious about what all the fuss was about would come on board. So far, it looks like those assumptions were false.


Wayne Dupree

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