Driver Runs Over Teenager After Attempted Cell Phone Robbery

I understand you might be angry that some punk kid is trying to steal your cell phone but that doesn’t give you the right to run him over and kill him.

David Wendell Dixon was probably somewhat surprised at the victim for trying to steal his phone the first thing that hit his mind was perhaps to track him down.

I don’t think Dixon can use self-defense for this situation. You know that I was saying put yourself in another person shoes, well for this story I won’t be doing that.

Source: WRAL

A Fuquay-Varina man is charged with murder after police said he ran over a teenager early Monday.

Around 2 a.m., officers with the Fuquay-Varina Police Department responded to a call of a “suspicious person” a home at 727 E. Broad St., where they found the body of a dead 16-year-old outside the house.

According to authorities, David Wendell Dixon, 27, encountered the victim, Monterio Devon Whitehead, at a Walmart in Fuquay-Varina when Whitehead walked up to Dixon’s car and requested to use his cell phone.

Dixon allowed Whitehead to use the cell phone, but during the exchange, police said, Whitehead ran from Dixon’s car with the phone. Dixon chased Whitehead from the Walmart parking lot to the Home Depot parking lot in his car.

Dixon drove his vehicle over a parking lot curb and onto the property at 727 E. Broad St. He went through a tree line and down a hill before he struck and ran over Whitehead, authorities said.

Monday morning quarterbacks would’ve have let the thief have the phone, called the phone company and told them to turn it off and report it stolen.

Again you don’t know what Dixon was going through on that day that he wasn’t able to use logic, but now he’s going to be put away for a long time because he didn’t think about his reactions.

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