DREAMer House Rep Who Said He Wasn’t Stepping Down Just Got 2nd Sexual Assault Allegation

Last week, Rep. Ruben Kihuen had told Rep. Nancy Pelosi he wasn’t stepping down over a sexual harassment allegation that was levied against him. That story might change before the weekend.

Kihuen was just slapped with his 2nd allegation as a woman who came forth anonymously claims he touched her thighs, and buttocks three times without consent. She even said that the candidate would invite her to sit on his lap. These allegations are far more in-depth than last week.

Pelosi had requested Kihuen step down after she had asked Rep. John Conyers to resign over his allegations an paid out settlements.

But he turned the tables on Pelosi claiming she knew of the harassment charges last year when she was campaigning with him. (Related: Rep. Ruben Kihuen Claims Nancy Pelosi Knew of His Sexual Assault Allegations Last Year)

Source: Nevada Independent

The woman, who requested anonymity because of concerns about being identified and the possible consequences in Nevada’s small political world, says that Kihuen touched her thighs or buttocks on three separate occasions without her consent. She also showed the Independent hundreds of suggestive text messages she received from Kihuen — including invitations to come sit on his lap in the middle of a committee hearing and repeated requests to spend the night at her place — over the course of the 2015 legislative session.

Once, he texted her to ask, “What color are your panties?” When she wouldn’t tell him, he said it “Makes me sad ” and that “My day can’t go on without knowing.”

She rejected outright, ignored or otherwise attempted to rebuff his persistent advances. The behavior was a continuation of what transpired in the 2013 legislative session, when he sent her dozens of Facebook messages.

Citing privacy concerns, the woman allowed the Independent to transcribe the contents of the text messages but not publish the screenshots of the exchanges. She said she saved the text messages on her old phone partly for her own proof to preserve her side of the story.

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These allegations have proof which I have been yelling at the rooftops. When it comes to making claims, you have to have evidence to take someone down. Nobody should be allowed to run a game like on anyone without cold, hard; you have to have to take someone down. Nobody should be allowed to run a game like on anyone without cold, hard proof.

Kihuen probably will step down after this one. He was sticking out his chest last week, but he won’t be doing that anytime soon.

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