Did You Ever Think A Dove Commercial Would Feature A Transgender Man?

Dove Commercials have been trying to break the norm for a while so why didn’t I ever expect to see a transgender pushing the product?

How old am I? Am I that much of a relic to look at this like someone slapped with a bowl of lemon juice? I am watching a transgender man push a woman’s dove commercial in full garb.

I also think to myself, just how much Hollywood and corporations have inundated us with things we thought were taboo growing up. Some say it’s indoctrination to a point. Feed the masses the images on a consistent basis and sooner or later it won’t affect them.

Is that what they are doing?

“We are both his biological parents. You get people who are like ‘what do you mean you’re the mom? I’m like yep! We’re both gonna be the moms!’

It took months to put together these ad campaigns. I bet they thought Hillary Clinton was gonna get in, and they were lined up to reinforce the western civilization-destroying agenda her masters want. They miscalculated.

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Here’s the video:


What did think when you saw it? Is it the norm now? Is this where we are? Share your comments below and let me know what you think.

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Wayne Dupree

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