Reporter Embedded With Trumps For 2 Years Says Media Got it Wrong ‘Melania and Donald Aren’t Estranged, They’re Tender Lovers, Who Playfully Tease Each Other’

The media has told us for years now that Melania and President Trump are miserable. They hate each other and painted Melania to be some kind of unwilling “hostage” who is sending secret “smoke signals” for help.

It’s absurd and just more lies from our untrustworthy fake news media.

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We now have an “insider” view on the relationship between the President and his First Lady, thanks to a reporter who was “embedded” with the family for two long years.

Author Doug Wead wrote a Fox News editorial talking about what it has been like being deep inside the “Trump family,” and what he’s learned after two years of being around the family and interview them.

Wead says the media has got it all wrong. Melania is not miserable, and she and President Trump are not in a loveless marriage…Quite the opposite, actually.

Wead wrote “Inside the Trump White House: The Real Story of His Presidency,” and he definitely characterizes himself as an “insider” after working so close to the First Family for years.

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“What I discovered inside the Trump bubble was quite different from what had been reported,” he wrote. “No, Melania and Donald were not estranged, they were tender lovers, who playfully teased each other. On almost any subject — North Korea, China, Mueller — the president brought up her name.”

Amazing, that’s exactly how I pictured it to be.

Speaking five languages, it would be difficult to suggest that Mrs. Trump is not a well-read woman.

The author counters the public stance about it being a privilege to serve the country — not to dispute it, but to say “privately, they have no illusions about the horror they are going through.”

That much goes without saying, as the fervor to destroy Trump knows no bounds.

Even here, Melania comes to the fore, as Wead says the president “sometimes eases the tension by teasing the first lady, saying, sarcastically, with puffed up importance, ‘Melania, honey, look at this incredible journey I have brought you on.’”

“It’s like a joke between them,” he says Lara Trump told him. “Everyone is attacking all of us and she’s smeared for no reason other than pure jealousy and he says, ‘Hon, isn’t this amazing?’ And she’s like, ‘Oh yeah, thank you so much.’ “It’s hilarious. I love it.”

Wead dishes on the theory of why Trump decided to run for president as related to a White House Correspondents’ Dinner and the infamous story involving first daughter Ivanka Trump and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Eric Trump is also quoted in giving the real story on how Trump chose Mike Pence as his running mate, which discounts a new book on the matter.

As far fetched as many of the rumors are about Trump, the author says the truth is even more compelling.

“It turns out that the real stories of what has been happening inside Trump-world are far more interesting than the fake ones,” Wead explained. “The president let me read his private correspondence with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. He gave me his theories on who hatched the Russian collusion conspiracy and why they did it.”

In the face of today’s impeachment frenzy, the most telling observation may have come from son-in-law Jared Kushner.

“There are two kinds of staffers,” Kushner reportedly told Wead. “Those who want to help Trump save the world, and those who want to save the world from Trump.” [Bizpacreview]

And for those who will say, “oh, they just put on an act for the reporter.” No, sorry. I don’t care how good you are at “acting,” you can’t fool someone observing you for two long years. Won’t happen.

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