Don’t Believe The MSM Is Done? This VIDEO Will Definitely Change That!

Many Americans decided to leave the mainstream media services in 2016 because of videos below.

We got tired of being lied to, tired being told who to vote for, tired of watching the political establishment beat up on the candidate we wanted, so we as voters decided to walk away from the mainstream media.

It wasn’t hard for a lot of people, but it was just the right nudge for others who had been on the fence. The media got the national election wrong on purpose; there’s no denying that.

They tried to push across the line a weak and corrupt Hillary Clinton why Americans were swarming around their representative in Donald Trump.


This video from MSNBC shows just how inaccurate these so-called “news” networks can be. Steve Kornacki uses the network’s absurdly inaccurate polls to creates his own delusional narrative for the presidential election, getting EVERY prediction wrong!

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One thing is for sure. Nobody will ever consider this guy to be a prophet. In Biblical times, he’d be lying in a pit being pelted with rocks.

These poor predictions were more of a team effort than that of just one man. After all, these were NBC polls that Kornacki cited time and time again. Polls that showed Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump in places like North Carolina, Georgia, and Ohio.

The polls were terribly off-base. In some cases, the NBC numbers showed Clinton with a double-digit lead in states that she went on to lose. In other words, the polls were not by any means scientific, fair, or truthful.

If you have time to watch this video below, it’s breathtaking:

I don’t think anyone who was watching mainstream media before the 2016 election and that decided to leave it will ever go back. Nobody has time to watch inexperienced, uneducated, ill-informed, media hacks try to sway voters with their flawed opinions.

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