Donna Brazile — DNC Officials Watched Server Hacked For Entire Month So They Could Win State Primaries

Former DNC Chairperson Donna Brazile wrote in her book how Russians hacked the DNC servers for an entire month and officials allowed it to happen.

According to Crowdstrike, the Russians had penetrated the DNC before Trump even announced his candidacy. Given what we know now about the state of cybersecurity in the DNC, and at Chairman Debbie Wassermann Schultz’s offices in Congress, it is only astonishing that hey had not been hacked earlier.

There aren’t any Democrats who can still think critically. The Democratic party has been taken over by Alt-Left ideologues, and now socialists are implementing their takeover plan.

Source: Daily Caller

Donna Brazile says in her new book the Democratic National Committee (DNC) went against professional advice and sat idly for a month while Russians stole data because primaries were still underway in a number of states.

In May, when CrowdStrike recommended that we take down our system and rebuild it, the DNC told them to wait a month, because the state primaries for the presidential election were still underway, and the party and the staff needed to be at their computers to manage these efforts,” Brazile wrote in her new book, “Hacks.”

“For a whole month, CrowdStrike watched Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear operating. Cozy Bear was the hacking force that had been in the DNC system for nearly a year.”

Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear are cybersecurity firms that have reported ties with Russian hackers. Both groups are blamed for the hacks on the DNC in 2016. CrowdStrike is a private U.S. cybersecurity firm that oversaw the protection of the DNC’s servers.

Wow, Donna is taking no prisoners! She’s like Sherman’s march to the sea burning everything in her way!

This doesn’t even make sense? Why or who would even begin to let their system get hacked, know it, watch it and do nothing about it? This doesn’t pass the smell test! If they were so sure it was the Russian’s why didn’t they let the FBI examine the computers?

I have to say that I’ve NEVER seen anything like this circus. It’s kind of top-heavy with clowns everywhere. The difference between the Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Trump campaign is like a professional football team and a bunch of guys from the neighborhood getting up for a Saturday game. Clinton was honing her “craft” and building a machine to take over this country for decades. She was plugged in everywhere; she had the dirt on everyone. Trump? He was just a guy who volunteered to quarterback the neighborhood kids. He had no idea what he was getting into, and neither did anyone on his team. Hillary was plugged in. The Dems had it all. Now we discover that she was suffering from an extreme case of hubris or her team was stupid. How do you wipe a computer? With a dish rag, of course.

It is so incredibly hypocritical for anyone on the left to be pushing Trump/Russia collusion. Look at this Democrats; you own this. Your crooked candidate was the one playing around with Moscow thru Fusion GPS and allowing Russian hackers to live in DNC servers because they were in the primary election.

What utter disregard for their party, voters, and donors. They let the hackers operate unfettered until the primary was over! I sure am glad those people aren’t running things in the Federal government that requires security!

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