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Trump Offers 3 Yrs of Legislative Relief For 700,000 DACA Recipients; Pelosi Says No!

Pres. Trump up the ante in the almost month-long government shutdown offering to give DACA recipients three years of relief if Dems would fund the border.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi calls these new terms a “non-starter.” Pelosi and her Democrat friends plan to offer up new legislation next week to get the government moving again while Pres. Trump will allow Sen. Mitch McConnell to pass his proposal and then give it to the House.

Democrats do not want to see Pres. Trump win the day on returning federal employees to work, nor do they want Trump to get the praise for extending DACA recipients, something Democrats had not accomplished when they were in power under Barack Obama.

Trump’s offer was a generous one indeed. Extending DACA recipients and those scheduled to be deported because of their illegal status for $5.7 billion in border funding? How could the Dems walk past that?

Trump’s proposal is designed to ramp up pressure on Democrats by offering a reprieve on his attempts to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and temporary protected status (TPS) for immigrants from some Latin American and African nations.

Under the new proposal, the administration would allow those programs to continue — addressing a key concern of Democrats and some moderate Republicans.

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It would also grant hundreds of millions of dollars for humanitarian assistance and drug detection policy and call for the hiring of thousands of new law enforcement agents to be deployed on the southern border.

“This is a common-sense compromise both parties should embrace,” Trump said. He then added: “The radical left can never control our borders. I will never let it happen.”

However, Democrats got a headstart on this proposal and Rep. Nancy Pelosi has said this is a non-starter.

But some Democrats rejected Trump’s offer as unacceptable before it was officially announced.House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called it a “non-starter” and implored Trump to take action to open the government.

Even though Pelosi is against this, there probably will be rumblings within her group as for whether to take the deal or not. If Pelosi takes the deal and funds the wall, she will look weak, and Trump would have wounded her for the next two years.

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The Democrat Party’s negative obstructionist response to this generous offer will lead further credence they are the enemy from within. They were the problem. They are the problem. They will continue to be the problem.

God help the United States if the Democrats ever have the power to control our borders. It will be a massive migration unlike the world has ever seen since the fall of the Roman Empire.

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