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President Trump Responds To Michael Cohen’s Hearing

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl asked President Trump; “He called you had a liar, a con man, a racist. What’s your response to Michael Cohen?”

Trump called Cohen a liar but was shocked and satisfied that Cohen did tell the Dem-led committee hearing that there was no Russia collusion to speak about.

“Well, it is incorrect and it is very interesting, because I tried to watch as much as I could I wasn’t able to watch too much, because I’ve been a little bit busy, but I think having a fake hearing like that and having it in the middle of this very important summit is really a terrible thing, they could have made it two-days later or next week and it would have been even better, they would have had more time, but having it during this very important summit is sort of incredible.”

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“He lied a lot, but it was very interesting because he didn’t lie about one thing, he said no collusion with the Russian hoax and I said, I wonder why he didn’t just lie about that, too, like he did about everything else, he lies about so many different things, and I was actually impressed that he didn’t say, well, I think there was collusion for this reason or that. He didn’t say that. He said no collusion, and I was a little impressed by that, frankly.”

“He only went about 95% instead of 100%. But the fact is there is no collusion and I call it the witch hunt, this should never happen to another president, this is so bad for our country. So bad. You look at this whole hoax I call it the Russian witch hunt, and now I add the word hoax, it is very, very bad for our country,”

My disappointment was more with the Republicans who were asking questions. If Cohen is lying about everything, it should be easy to debunk his lying claims. But not one Republican committee member provided any information refuting Cohen’s claims. Calling Cohen, or anyone, a liar without any information to the contrary is nothing more than name calling, which is the low road.

Remember, these same Republicans were ok with Cohen the first time he was lying to Democrats. It was kabuki theater, and furthermore, it shouldn’t even have taken place while President Trump was in Vietnam.

Judge Napolitano was right about this farce of a hearing while Trump was conducting out of the country business. Judge Nap said, “Politics stops at the water’s edge.” I had to look that up, and it makes sense that our politicians should ALWAYS show a united front when our leaders are out of the country representing the American people, despite political disagreements on their turf

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