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Wallace: If Acting AG Whitaker Curtails Mueller Investigation Would You Overrule; Trump Responds

Congressional Democrats are not happy that Pres. Trump selected Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General.

You’ve heard a lot of requests for Whitaker to recuse himself because of statements that he made in the past regarding Hillary Clinton and whether or not he felt that she should be indicted.  Pres. Trump said that he did not know how Whitaker felt about Hillary before he made his decision replace Jeff Sessions.

But Trump also felt that Whitaker was up to the task of handling the Attorney General cabinet position. During Trump’s interview with Chris Wallace on Sunday, he defended his decision to choose Whitaker while also making it known that he would be hands-off, no matter what the Democrats and opposition media are peddling.

It’s going to be up to him I think he’s very well aware politically I think is astute politically he’s a very smart person a very respected person is going to do what’s right I really believe he’s going to do what’s right.

Wallace then asked Trump if he would wouldn’t overrule Whitaker if he decided to curtail the Mueller investigation. The president responded:

I would not get involved, and all these people that say I’m going to end the investigation you know they’ve been saying that now for…….how long is this witchhunt gone on for, it’s it’s gone on for what?

From the day I announced I was looked at as a candidate nothing, no proof with phony people like McCabe, Strzok, his lover. You had, uh, Lisa Page, his lover, these people were looking at me they wanted an insurance policy just in case I won or Hillary lost and this was the insurance policy it’s a scam there was no collusion whatsoever

The opposition media has been running a game on the American people, throwing up weak innuendos based on fear regarding President Trump and his base for a long time now. When you sit back and look at the bigger picture, you see a rabid media that has taken a position of fighting the White House and a mob mentality of progressive voters who enact violence and hate on Trump supporters nearly every day of every week.

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Whitaker is an American who can express his views if asked and shouldn’t be labeled or target because he made them publicly. But then again, we live in today, where snowflakes fall off trees every day.

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