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Trump Calls Out Fox News over Sanders Town Hall — Baier And Audience As So Smiley And Nice

President Trump called out Fox News over their Bernie Sanders town hall, and I support his view 100 percent.

On Tuesday morning, President Trump weighed in on the Sanders’ hourlong town hall, which aired on Monday night — aiming at Fox News anchor Bret Baier, one of the event’s moderators, but leaving Martha McCallum alone. Both were back in my opinion and Trump shouldn’t have let either off the hook.

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“So weird to watch Crazy Bernie on @FoxNews,” Trump wrote. “Not surprisingly, @BretBaier and the ‘audience’ was so smiley and nice.”

I was against Fox News rushing to give Bernie Sanders a platform, but they did it and guess what, I disagree with Bernie on all of his policies, but I respect him for his willingness to “preach” to audiences other than the choir. It’s very safe for Democrats to go on CNN or MSNBC or the network shows, where they know they’ll be given the benefit of the doubt and be thrown softballs.

This was not a Fox News Town Hall. Bernie just happened to have weak, “neutral” moderators in Baier and McCallum. It was mostly a Democrat crowd in Pittsburgh, a heavily blue state.

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Bernie like all politicians do not answer the questions they don’t like. Instead, he is attacking others he doesn’t like. His administration, if elected, would want to control all your assets and decide what, when and how much to pay for. As a true socialist, he would have to reward his cronies, just like Venezuelan’s Maduro and N. Korea’s Kim Jong-Un do.

We also heard few reports on his taxes that he released before the town hall. Sanders, earning $1.31 mill, donates $36,300 (2.7%) of which $25,000 went to his charity (bringing him down to .85% if you discount that). Wow. So generous. But he has no issues giving our money away (at significantly higher rates). Should they also be pulling in $52,000/year in social security seeing as they’re millionaires? But Socialism, right?

Most politicians lie. They make campaign promises and know full well they do not keep them. President Trump is disliked because he is keeping his campaign promises. I still remember another Democrat Politician promising that I could keep my doctor and I would say $2400 a year on medical insurance. And I remember another Democrat Politician is stating you had to pass the bill before you learn what is in it.

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I wish both political parties would work together and stop the fighting. They must put the country and the people before their party.

I’ll take Trump and all of his flaws over you and Bernie’s anti-American socialist drivel. This country has never been, and never will be, a socialist society. Throwing in your unconstitutional views on the 2nd amendment adds icing to the cake.




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